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Notice regarding coronavirus preventive measures

We thank you for your continued patronage. Following the government's state of emergency declaration, we will take the following measures to prevent the spread of infection for about one month starting on April 8th.  - Suspension of inquiries by designated phone numbers (The Hire and Taxi Call Centers (03-5547-5551)will operate as usual)  - Operation with a significantly reduced number of vehicles  None of our employees have been infected yet, but in order to reduce the risk, we have suspended about half of the drivers and office staff, and separated the vehicles used for operation.  If one of our employees is confirmed to be infected, the relevant office will be disinfected and all team members and vehicles who worked with said employee at that time will be suspended.  Currently inactive vehicles and driver teams that are suspended and have not had any contact will be used for operation.  We apologize for any inconvenience and trouble this may cause you, and we greatly appreciate your understanding.  April 7th, 2020 Tokyo MK


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