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Notice of Tokyo MK's employee tested positive for the novel coronavirus

We thank you for your continued patronage.

We would like to inform you that on Friday, January 8, it was discovered that one of our driver based at the Shiodome headquarters has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

On January 6, the same employee felt a cold symptom, and mild fever , therefore he took a appointment to the hospital the next day and took a PCR test, and was diagnosed as positive.

The infection route is unknown at the moment but we are currently checking all his recent whereabouts and contacts.

Under the guidance of Minato Public Health Center, we have promptly disinfected vehicles and offices, confirmed all directly contacted employees, and ask them to voluntarily stand by at their homes.

We have already contacted the passengers who boarded the driver's vehicle on January 5.

In addition, the crew members and staff members who have contact with the employee will stay at home until the PCR test is performed and it is confirmed that they are not infected, and we will continue to operate.

Going forward, the Company will continue to swiftly determine and implement the necessary measures based on the policies of the public health center and the government/municipalities, placing the highest priority on preventing the spread of infection both inside and outside the company and ensuring the safety of employees.

We would like to ask all those involved for their understanding. Inquiries regarding this matter: 03-5547-5547 Tokyo MK Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department


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