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Notice of Tokyo MK's office worker tested positive for the novel coronavirus

We would like to inform you that on Saturday, July 18, it was discovered that an employee working at the Shiodome headquarters' internal department has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The employee had been in the company until July 10th (Friday), but since then he has not been in the office and is working on a different floor from where the drivers works. We are currently checking all his recent whereabouts and contacts. We will post the follow-up report on our website as soon as we know more details.

In addition, since some departments within the head office are closed, the representative telephone number (03-5547-5547) is temporary suspended.

Please contact the following email address for inquiries. taxi@tokyomk.com

Going forward, the Company will continue to swiftly determine and implement the necessary measures based on the policies of the public health center and the government/municipalities, placing the highest priority on preventing the spread of infection both inside and outside the company and ensuring the safety of employees. We would like to ask all those involved for their understanding.