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Find the One and Only Pink Heart! “MK Heart Warm Taxi”

Only during February! Operating in eight regions nation wide

For one month, from February 1st through 29th, 2020, the eight MK groups from around the country will run the third "MK Heart Warm Taxi".

The MK Heart Warm Taxi uses a pink version of MK's trademark orange heart emblem.

The vehicle will feature a pink taxi roof light and a pink heart magnet on its side, and the driver will wear a pink neck tie. Only one will run in each region!

We will provide each lucky party to ride it with one heart shaped, MK-original reusable heating pads!

Pink taxi roof light and a pink heart magnet

MK-original reusable heating pads!


You could win ¥10,000 for making an SNS post – up to once per week

During the above period, we will also be holding an SNS campaign for those riding in, or those who have spotted the MK Heart Warm Taxi in town.

①Follow @MKofficial_PR ②Take a photo of the MK Heart Taxi or a heart shaped heating pad ③Add the hashtag #MKハートウォームタクシー

We will select one person who posts the above on their SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) at random every week (for a total of four winners), and gift them a ¥10,000 MK Group Gift Card, redeemable when you hire a taxi from MK Group or at gas stations.

We look forward to seeing your posts!


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