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Lifting of the state of pre-emergency

The state of pre-emergency has been lifted on March 21st. At Tokyo MK, we will continue to operate our vehicles with thorough infection control measures.

If you have any request for a car in various situations such as Airport transfer, commuting, school, hospital, business, ceremonial occasion, sightseeing, travel, etc.

Please contact us at:

Taxi: 03-5547-5551 Hire: 03-5547-5557




After midnight on April 19, our vehicle dispatch system server went down, so we could not dispatch until after 2 o'clock. We would like to report that the cause was an error in the equipment inside th

Due to the impact of the earthquake at around 23:34 on March 16, the entire office building in Shiodome had a power outage, affecting telephone calls and vehicle allocation (about 2 hours from 23:40 t