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Private Chauffeur Service

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What's PCS ?

PCS (Private Chauffeur Service) is a service where taxis available for hire in the vicinity of the customer’s location can be searched using a mobile phone (including smartphone) or laptop and the request can be made directly to the driver without going through the call centre. Since the request is placed directly to the driver errors that may occur when requesting through the call centre can be avoided. Since the driver is asked to make a call once he reaches the pickup location, it is possible to wait indoors.

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Very Easy !

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Low Price !

Deals no.1

Pick-up fee
Free up to a maximum of 640 JPY
*except for LEXUS,BMW
Premium rates apply from 11:00pm - 5:00am on weekdays and all day during weekends and national holidays

Deals no.2

Fee specific to high-grade models
1,000 JPY free
*except for LEXUS,BMW
Free all day when using PCS service.

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